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Welcome to The Wise Elon Musk website! Learn how to stake ADA and support decentralisation.



We are a single pool operator and member of f2LB, first 2 life time blocks alliance.

We are here to provide the best experience in staking your ADA, we want to know you

and understand how can we grow together in this journey.


Why Choose WELON


Professional operated pool

Regarding maintenance and operation we are professionals, hosted in 24/7 available VPS, updated software and monitored constantly, you can be sure that we are ready to mine all the blocks!

The more delegators the better are the chances, staking is an odds algorithm, that's why we need you to join in the effort.

At same time, you can be sure that we don't operate more than one pool, our Alliance aims to help bootstrap new pools and avoid massive concentration in groups.

Digital Work Life
Painted Space
Purple Planet

We support the extraterrestrial life research

Helping a good cause

We decided to donate 100% of our profits in the first mined block to the extraterrestrial research cause.

After the first mined block we will change the donations proportion to a non zero percentage that will be disclosed to our delegators.

Supporting a cause like that, means working with NGO's and other organised groups. 

We are willing to accept suggestions from our delegators to keep their donations in good hands.

Staking is eco friendly, requires low energy, its safe and a very good way to hold your ADA having some interest when doing.

You can't expect any quick rich schemes here, we are only dealing with professional and approved Cardano tools and wallets.

Special promotions

We can provide exclusive promotions and rewards to our first delegators.

Right now it's very hard to find new ADA investors willing to delegate to small pools. That's why we fully embraces the decentralisation and provides value and information to community in general.

We are here for Cardano

Welon is the pool that you stake to fight whales game, we don't operate more than one and if we grow too much we will send our delegators to the alliance.

Most Cardano holders doesn't understands that delegating is a commitment to the network, if you delegate to huge and multiple operated pools, you are making a mistake.

These pools are not committed to decentralisation, other pools won't have chance to mine blocks and including mission pools for charity will have less chances.

  1. Do not let your Cardano in exchanges.

  2. Do not delegate to multiple operated pools.

  3. Wise Capital only controls one pool, WELON and nothing else.


How to stake with us

This is very straightforward look at following steps

Money transfer _Monochromatic.png

Download a wallet

Daedallus or Yoroi

Only use the official ones, check their signature and be careful with random websites. The links can change so we are not providing any.


Withdraw ADA

From the exchanges

When you keep ADA in exchanges they will operate massive leveraged pools and will retain all blocks to them, destroy decentralisation, further withdraw your ADA to your wallet.

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Find us

Wallets can search pools

In Daedalus you can find the stake pools option, search our ticker WELON.

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Final step

Your ADA is not being transferred but delegated, your coins are still with you and you can move them freely. Pool operators doesn't have access to your coins!



How much I expect to earn?

It depends the pool performance, right now the average performance of all Cardano pools is 5% APY but small pools can have better performance in their beginning than big ones.

What are my benefits?

We are here to know your needs and to support you as delegator, in any situation you can be contacted and receive useful information about Cardano in general. We operate as member of the F2LB alliance and follow their rules regarding decentralisation. We provide help to new pools and you are part of it.

What's wrong with big pools?

Bigger pools if single operated aren't a bad thing, the only problem is that you can expect some very small but steady income, small pools in the other hand can be infrequent but bigger so you can think us like small caps investment.

Whats the future for WELON pool?

We want to provide exclusive benefits and promotions to any investor/delegator who are willing to participate, they are not mandatory, you don't need to provide your name/email if you don't want to but we can send you prizes or promotions too.

What Can We Help You With?

For more info fill out the form or send me an email at wisecapital2021@gmail.com, if you are a delegator, identify yourself and we can keep in touch, send updates about the pool and send you gifts and promotions.


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